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Who We Are

Rev. Kathy The Church of Holy Wisdom is an Ecumenical Catholic Church exercising the full sacramental system and all of the rituals and beliefs of the Roman Church except adherence to the dogma of the infallibility of the pope. That doctrine was decreed in 1869 at the end of Vatican Council 1 and Catholics in countries like Austria, Germany, and Holland opposed this change and formed the Old Catholic Church instead. We are a "cousin" of this group preferring to be called "ecumenical" rather than "old". A more complete history can be found on the web site: www.ecumenical-catholic-communion.org.

We, at the Church of Holy Wisdom, realize that our Catholic identity means we are:
  • Eucharistic: The Eucharist is at the very center of being Catholic. We bring ourselves and all that we are and do to the table in thanksgiving and praise. Our table is open to all faithful believers.

  • Incarnational: We are earthy people and use the sacredness of the earth to speak to us about God and mystery. All of creation is a book about God. We know that the way for people to understand is through their senses so we honor such elements as holy water, ashes, wine, bread, oils, palms, candles, statues, etc.
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  • Sacramental: Catholics highlight the stages of life through ritual via the seven sacraments. They are transformative, celebrating change and new life. We offer all seven in the Ecumenical Catholic Communion.

  • Belonging to the Communion of Saints: There is a continuum of relatedness of those who have gone before us, those who are alive today, and those who will come after us. We are one. We are on a common journey: we are a pilgrim people.

  • Choosing a preference for that which is best for the common good, not just what is good for the individual. Social justice then is a key ingredient in Catholic life--we do our best to see that everyone gets their fair share of resources for a good life.

  • Inclusive: We are inclusive of all peoples welcoming especially those who have been hurt by the rules and regulations of other churches: such as the divorced and remarried, the LGBT communities, those planning families. We offer understanding and healing.

We are also inclusive as regards leadership roles having experienced the value and richness of the female priesthood and the role of the laity as a powerful resource in the governing and the everyday functioning of the parish.


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